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Satellites UnLimited is a trusted seller of various telecommunications services, products and solutions from top brands including:

Audio & Video Equipment | Communications and Internet Equipment  

Wiring & Cabling |  Security Equipment | Satellite & HDTV Antenna

Are you looking for the best in audio and video equipment in Canada? Then Satellites UnLimited can help you. We have an extensive range of home theatre systems and audio equipment available for purchase from some of the biggest names. We are one of Canada’s leading provider of audio systems sales, installation and maintenance for paging and music systems for commercial and residential clients.
Satellites UnLimited offers quality cabling, connectivity, and active devices and systems including network cables, routers and switches, satellites, Coaxial cables, satellite receivers, network equipment racks etc to ensure seamless data communication and automation system.
We sell all types of satellite and HDTV annenas and related accessories including brand name products. We are also experts in the installation and maintenance of these equipment. We deliver satellite antenna alignment services for a wide variety of clientele, in addition to undertaking complex installations on rooftop sites.
In addition to providing security systems installation and upgrades, Satellites Unlimited also sales a variety of security equipment to meet residential, commercial and industrial facilities needs.