Satellites Unlimited

Keeping Your Networks Reliable



Broadcasters, whether TV or radio rely on a number of technologies to build and operate their stations.

Satellites UnLimited has helped broadcasters by supplying services related to satellite uplinks and downlinks, cabling facilities, close circuit TV for monitoring signals, RF systems, fibre cable installation and IP network cable installation.

Our Value

Satellites Unlimited is prepared to manage complex service and install contracts for audio systems utilized in paging and music systems as a useful addition to diverse retail and commercial environments.

We have supplied radio and television broadcasters with satellite uplink and downlink technologies, cabling facilities, CCTV, RF systems, and fibre and IP network installation, in addition to cultivating significant expertise in MMDS, AML, FML microwave systems across point-to-point and point-to-multi point installations.

Why Us


Since 1978, Satellites Unlimited has evolved into a leading provider of installation, maintenance, and contract service for a wide range of telecommunications technologies spanning satellite, coaxial cable, MMDS, microwave, and fibre optics, serving a diverse range of clientele in cable television, broadcast, off-track betting, business TV, and digital audio/video solutions.

With a track record of success in leading end-to-end projects in satellite equipment installation, RF and antennae work, complete head-end rebuilds, and remote troubleshooting support, the firm is equipped to handle an immense range of product offerings.