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Cable Television

In the cable television market, Satellites Unlimited provides contract services to key leaders in the industry.

Project highlights spans head-end rebuilds and relocations, satellite antenna installation and maintenance, installation and maintenance of cable routers and VOD RF multiplexing systems, head-end system site surveys and off-air receiver studies.

Satellites Unlimited additionally specializes in comprehensive cable television system evaluations to assist clients in determining facility value in support of system acquisition decision-making.

With over 30 years of leadership success in telecommunications technologies from Satellite, Coaxial Cable, Microwave, MMDS, fibre optics and more Satellites Unlimited have the expertise you need.

Why us? 

Without the proper expertise, companies such as yours run the risk of equipment malfunction, cost overruns and mismanaged projects. Can your organization afford to take these risks?

Since 1978, Satellites Unlimited has evolved into a leading provider of installation, maintenance, and contract service for a wide range of telecommunications technologies spanning satellite, coaxial cable, MMDS, microwave, and fibre optics, serving a diverse range of clientele in cable television, broadcast, off-track betting, business TV, and digital audio/video solutions.

With a track record of success in leading end-to-end projects in satellite equipment installation, RF and antennae work, complete head-end rebuilds, and remote troubleshooting support, the firm is equipped to handle an immense range of product offerings.